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Here on my Create Something New blog, I write about 2 main topics, personal success through action and business success through applications. I’ll begin to write a weekly recap of posts as well as sharing any new information or addressing any questions that may have come my way since the post was published. Here is a quick digest featuring this week’s posts.

1. Saving Time Using Evernote & Skitch
Evernote is a pretty neat cloud software tool that I use on my desktop as well as my mobile devices. What’s neat about Evernote is that it has integrated with some other applications, among them Skitch. Skitch is a screen capture tool that allows you to annotate its image captures and automatically stores them in an Evernote notebook. Like Evernote, Skitch is available for your desktop as well as iOS and Android devices, great for doing quite a few things on the go. Check the post for some ideas.

2. 4 Things I Have On My LIVE List
Many people have a bucket list, things they would like to try before they die. But many never really make plans to accomplish them. They figure that they will live life and then if they have time one day, maybe when they retire, they can begin to look at achieving these things. Why not create a LIVE list and live your life with a bit more purpose?

3. Stop Following Your Dreams
What are the things that you give up when you begin to follow your dreams? What’s makes accomplishing the dream worth it? Are there things that get in the way of your dream? Why do we allow them to get in the way? Are they more important? As I state in the post, I LOVE dreams. But, the questions here are ones that you just HAVE to ask.

4. 6 Great Reasons To Use Google Hangouts & Google Drive in Your Life and Business
If you have a gmail address, there is SO much that you have access to for FREE. Email is just the start. Google Hangouts and Google Drive are two integrated parts of the ecosystem that can save you both time and money. Google is improving both of these.

UPDATE: Since posting, I read that you can actually host a simple website from your Google Drive folder. You simply need to upload the appropriate files and folders to a Drive folder then share the appropriate index.html file as your link. I will do a walkthrough on this in a post next week.

5. 2 Critical Elements For Your Road To Success
If you are looking to travel the road to success, there are some critical things for you to consider. This post talks about rest, planning and teamwork as a few of those elements.


Books I’m Reading This Week: How Successful People Think – John C. Maxwell

Which of these posts was most useful for you?  Leave your comments below.



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