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Let’s be honest. It’s becoming more and more critical for you to be able to continue what you were doing wherever you are. All of the cable providers are offering the option to begin playing a movie in one room and finish it in the other. Or, they are offering you the ability to begin watching a movie on your tablet and then finishing it up at home. Browsers are offering the ability to begin browsing a list of sites at work, then allowing you to pull up that same list at home without having to bookmark or email yourself a list of sites.

photo 1-2I have written about Evernote several times on this blog and how I use it daily to jot ideas, organize my life and my business. However, one of the helpful things which I have NOT written about is Evernote’s integration with some other pretty neat apps, some of which Evernote also owns. One of those neat apps is Skitch, a screen capture and annotation tool. Here a few things I do with Skitch.

1. I give quick tutorials.
Sometimes I need to be step by step clear about how to accomplish something on a device. Skitch allows me to screen cap and then annotate the areas of my screen that call for my actions.

2. I can give instructions via markup.
I have had my website being worked on or been given a website idea. Skitch allows me to take a screen capture of the entire screen and then markup the areas that I have comments about.

photo 33. I can look over someone’s shoulder or they can look over mine.
Using the shared notebook feature in Evernote, I can show someone exactly what I’m seeing on my screen and they can do the same. Some times that serves as my own version of tech support. Other times, it serves as my laugh for the day.


Skitch is a part of the Evernote ecosystem so whatever files you edit on one device get synced to the others.  A Skitch notebook is automatically created for you in Evernote.  This, of course, leads to other possibilities of which I am only scratching the surface.


What ideas do you have for using Skitch and Evernote? Leave your comments below.


**Update** – I neglected to mention that Skitch is a FREE app.  You can use Skitch on your desktop, your iOS device as well as Android.  Thanks Francene.


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  • I’ve never heard of this. New innovations are coming up all the time. Probably not new for you–but new for me. Great idea for business people. However, this wouldn’t help an old lady who writs novels and is struggling for every penny.

    • Thanks Francene. Well, the best thing is that this is FREE!! I should have mentioned this on the post. Maybe I’ll update and give you a blog link :-). If you are writing, you might use Skitch to take a screen capture of your writing layout and annotate specific areas for graphics or back and forth with your illustrator if you need to share feedback.

  • jacquimalpass says:

    You know I really should use Evernote I have it on my Mac and Skitch looks useful – so I am off to go and get it – thank you for the kick up the bum

  • charlottebabb says:

    I find the keyboard on my smartphone too difficult to do more than simple short texts. Maybe that’s why evernote does not do it for me. It would probably be more helpful on a tablet, especially with a keyboard. I’m old school and just copy/paste to word or notepad on a desktop.

    • I get that. On my phone, I use Evernote mainly for voicenotes, images or websites that I want to remember or to bring up other files that I have synced previously. It has saved me because I have been able to pull up emails that I have saved in Evernote from my desktop with critical information. I am on a campaign right now to scan my entire family filing cabinet into my Evernote account :-). I’ll be able to pull up my marriage certificate on the go ;-).

  • Kirsten A. Womack says:

    Oh wow I need to check out Evernote and Skitch people are always asking me how to do something, this will make showing them so much easier.

  • Now I must investigate Skitch further as it would b useful for my new creations of tutorials. Thanks for the last tidbit its Free.

  • This is interesting. I really must explore these things a bit more rather than resigning myself to being a DOS dinosaur and learning as little new stuff as possible!

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