My Top 10 Posts Of 2016

By Robert Kennedy III

I can’t believe it!

Since I’ve been blogging, that’s what I say to myself at the end of the year most often.  I write and then I leave it alone.  I share and post again but I don’t always look at the numbers to see who is reading.  So, when I come back, I am usually surprised at the number of people reading and also the articles you choose to read the most.

There are some posts where I click publish and say, “Yeah, that was pretty good.” and CRICKETS, no response.  But there are some where I’m just not sure and THOSE are the ones people read and share.  Go figure.

But, I’m glad you read and I’m honored you choose to do so here.  Your feedback is precious and I really appreciate the time you take to read, share and in some cases, shoot me a line to let me know your thoughts.

So, THANK YOU!!  Happy New Year.

Here are the Top 10 Posts of 2016:

  1. A Simple Way To Improve Your Decision Making
  1. How To Write Phenomenal Emails That Get A Response
  1. How To Lead, Sell & Live Powerfully
  1. How To Get Out Of Survival Mode So You Can Start Living
  1. 2 Words To Delete From Your Communication
  1. Stop Networking & Start Building Real Relationships – Part 1
  1. 5 Ways To Be Remembered Fondly
  1. 10 Ways That Leaders Can Show Confidence
  1. How To Be The MVP – Most Valuable Person In The Room
  1. 4 Bad Communication Habits Which Steal Your Energy



I made a shift this year which I told you about.  But, I made an adjustment and just realized I didn’t write a follow-up.  I wrote an article called 3 Reasons I’m Quitting My Blog and Moving To Medium.  And I moved my blog for a couple of months.  But, then I realized there was a plugin which would allow me to cross-post.  So, now, I still write on my blog but I write more on Medium.  I write a little less “business-y” on Medium.  You might find me pouring out my heart over there.

The bottom-line is, I realized I could have the best of both worlds.


I also want to add my Top 5 Podcasts:

1. Episode 43 – Simon T. Bailey – Igniting Your Brilliance
2. Episode 48 – Marilyn Suttle – Creating Suttle Shifts

3. Episode 28 – Grant Baldwin – Doing Work You Love
4. Episode 44 – Stephanie Nickolich
5. Episode 21 – What’s Your Message?
In 2017, you can have the best.  It doesn’t have to be either/or.  You can have both!! Go for it! Choose to be amazing!
Don’t forget to LAUGH out loud, LIVE your best life and LEAD with Purpose!!