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I love talking to and empowering people about their dreams but I also love talking to YOUTH about their dreams.  My thought is that not everyone will be able to GET a job.  But, if they want to, everyone can CREATE a job or a living.  They may even be able to create one for others.  That is why when I hear stories of people that are empowering youth to have this mindset, I get excited.   This is what happened when I had entered a blog challenge and came across Julia Neiman’s website.  This was a conversation that I had to have.  She seemed passionate about teaching young people to create their own world and, as she put it, monetize their passion.

She has written a couple of books, 31 Powerful Lessons Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset and also Pick From The Passion Tree: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs to Start a Business.

Watch the interview and watch her passion.

Julia’s Information

What are you PASSIONATE about?  Leave your comments below.


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  • Dan Black says:

    Just found your blog and enjoy the content. This interview was full of wisdom and insights.

    I’m passionate about helping others become better people and leaders through my writing, coaching, and speaking.

    • Dan, thanks for stopping by. Julia is definitely an awesome interview. I love the word “passionate”. Glad that you have it. I’ll check out what you are doing on your site as well.

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