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I was discussing dreams with my wife yesterday. We definitely view life differently some days. She grew up in one place her entire life (well, at least until we got married) while I moved quite a few times because my dad was a minister. So, there are times where I believe that you try something long enough to see if it works or not and she believes that you just keep on pushing. Not right or wrong. We just see things a little differently some times. And that’s ok.

Dreams are awesome because no one can ever take them away. We get to choose what to do with our dreams. We can determine whether or not we will fight to make them reality or just keep them in the dreamscape. No one can tell dreams when to come and go. This is a part of me that I love exploring. Of course, I believe that in order to accomplish a dream there has to be ACTION attached. But, the dreams usually the starting point. If you are scared of dreaming, here is why you should:

1. Dreams have no rules, no limits and no time frames
Have you ever seen the movies where someone is dreaming and in the dreamscape, they are flying through space or using some ability that they didn’t know they had? That is what dreams are supposed to be. Dreams are where you have no fear of retribution. Dreams are where you have no authority to report to. Dreams are where walls don’t exist. Dreams are where no one can rush you or tell you that something doesn’t work.

2. Dreams can change
I’m all for consistency and completing things. But, again, dreams are just that….dreams. Therefore, they can change shape, form, color or whatever they feel like. They operate without barriers. Now, of course, there is what IS! There is REALITY! Should you go around changing things everyday simply because that is what you dreamed? That probably won’t be productive and probably won’t garner you much support. But, the truth is the dreams are not static. Which brings me to the next 2 statements.

3. Dreams can have iterations
There are times when your dream can be based on experience and what you know. Once your experiences become broader, your dreams have the potential to become bigger. So, as you begin to put plans in place and actually begin acting on those dreams, there may be new layers added as time goes on. That’s ok! That’s fine. That’s part of the process.

4. You’re allowed to change strategies in your dreams
Inevitably, as you do things, you will find that some things don’t work. You can continue to use the same non-working strategy. But, in most cases, if it didn’t work in the way that you were doing it, continuing to do it the same way won’t yield much result. So, you may need to change your strategy. It doesn’t mean that you are abandoning the dream. It simply means that you may need to try a new approach. Here’s a warning though. You may need to make sure that those around are keenly aware of the dream and what you are shooting towards because as you change strategies, it may appear to them that you are ditching for something new. If they have invested with you and worked hard with you to make the dream happen, in some cases, you might hear the word ‘flaky’ if they are not aware of the strategy switch. The flip side is that you also should be open to feedback because if you are a dreamer like me, you might even tend to go ahead full steam in a new direction or with a different strategy. This feedback might be the balance that you need to fully assess your dream and your strategy.

5. Dreams are yours and no one else’s
You can share your dreams but only you can own them. Should you choose to go after your dream, the responsibility for achieving them is solely yours. I’ve heard people say that they didn’t achieve their dream because of the kids, or because of marriage or because of circumstances. I get that! I really do. But I keep coming back to the fact that you were the one that had them dream, not them! They can’t be responsible for YOUR dream. They might form part of the circumstance, the RESISTANCE, the situations that make achievement more challenging. But, they can NEVER be the reason that you did not accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Those dreams are yours. OWN them. Take responsibility for them. When the blockers or the barriers show up, dream again and create a new way to conquer them.

Keep on dreaming. Dream BIG! Then take ACTION. Remember, every minute, every second is just an opportunity to CREATE SOMETHING NEW!

What are your dreams? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Kat says:

    Great post, Robert, really interesting thoughts. My dreams are always very mundane and can be easily tied to my subconscious trying to work through an issue to find a solution. Very helpful, but I never get to fly or anything fun like that!

  • CC says:

    Thanks for sharing the post, Robert. I always stumble across these posts right when I’m in the middle of something. Just this week I’ve been thinking of letting some dreams go. I’m going to hang on to them.

  • Julia Neiman says:

    My dream is that all young people become entrepreneurs and change the world with their innovation and creative ideas. When more people create wealth, everyone prospers.

  • Amazing @twitter-20451072:disqus ! I love dreams…. especially when we take action on them and they become reality. I have seen so many people just live in their dreams and never have them come to be in their life. I dream without action is only a wish. Keep your dreams alive my friend. Blessings.

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