Create Something New? What Are You Talking About Bro?

By Robert Kennedy III

Create something new.  You read that on the logo as you came to the website and you probably wondered if this was an invention website, a sales pitch of some sort, a do it yourself site, a site where you were going to marketed yet another product.  Well, in some sense, there is a product that I love to talk about.  The product is you.  Well, the product is also me.  Yes, me!  Most of us are always working on ourselves in one way or another.  Some of us apply make-up.  Some of us go shopping.  Some have surgery.  Some use a chemical or two.  Some look for relationships.  Some compete.  There are all sorts of things that we do but we are all working on ourselves in one way or another.

Steve Chandler wrote a book called 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever.  In it he made a statement that has profoundly affected my thought.  He noted that life is either a “creation or a reaction.”  You are either creating or you are reacting.  The only difference here is the c.  He goes on to note that we wake up in reaction mode.  We react to an alarm clock, the sun, a light or in some cases…that darn rooster.  Once we are up though, we can either continue to react or we can choose to create.  That choice immediately place us in charge of our day.  Now, call me a control freak if you wish but I just LOVE to create.  I love building businesses. I love building stories.  I love building ways to help people.  Hey, I even “build” a song or two from time to time.

What I’m finding is that the more I build, the more I drive the ship, the more I create, the less I have time to complain about things that “happened” to me.  Part of that may be due to the fact that I am creating most of the stuff that happens.  I’ve taken ownership.  Ultimately, there is a plan for my life.  I’m either generating and working that plan or someone else is.  I can’t really force my life upon anyone or even give must-follow advice.  But, I know that for myself, I look to create something each day.  And because I like new things, I choose to create something new.

What are you creating today?