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**Day 6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge**

If you’re like me, you talk with a lot of people and have a lot of things that you need to juggle.  Juggling is usually not a whole lot of fun except at the circus.  Time is just too important.  So, I look for ways to remain productive and save time.  I am getting rid of the busy just for the sake of being busy in my life.

So, software is often one of the ways that I accomplish this.  Sometimes, the learning curve may defeat that purpose.  But, sometimes, you find something that really just does it for you.  Here is one of my challenges.  As I talk with people, I need to jot down things thatthey have said sometimes in order to fully listen and remember their needs.  So, I tend to jot these notes down in different places.  If you have read this blog previously, you have heard me note that Evernote is my second brain.  So, typically, I put these in Evernote.  But, when I go back to the note later, I would often have to scan through to find what I wanted in the note and there was not really a game plan.

So, I began the process of creating a note template.  The issue there was that I would have to remember to copy the note or save it in another place before I began typing into the blank note.  This took time especially if I was having an important meeting with a coaching client or brainstorming about something.


Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.54.15 AM

I was introduced to this neat tool called Powerbot.  Initially, I installed the app into my google apps to keep track of communications inside of my Evernote and that worked fine.  But, the power was really given to me when they connected Powerbot to my CALENDAR.  Now, as my meetings are created, there are several AWESOME features that help me out.  I am able to click one link and have a meeting template created that includes the meeting title, the participants, duration, Hangout links and of course the date and time.

In addition to these features, a template with Agenda, Notes, Action Items and a materials area is already created for me.  This ALONE saves me at least 5-10 minutes.  If I have 3 meetings or planned conversations in a day, that is close to 30 minutes saved.

All of the notes are saved in a notebook in Evernote that the Powerbot app has created.  This means that I only need to return to one notebook to find any meeting information.

Best of all, because it is in Evernote, I can grab this info on ANY of my devices.  This has already saved me in at least 3 phone conversations.  I have been able to pull up info pretty quickly without breaking stride.

You’ve saved some time. Now what are you going to do with it?

What apps or software do you use to remain productive? Leave your answer in the comments.

See what other apps I use to remain productive.

See what else Powerbot can do by visiting them here.

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  • Wow I just found out about Evernote! Thanks for this information. I will see how Evernote works for me and then if I need Powerbot. This is just what I’m looking for the makes notes on my tablet. thanks!

  • Sherida says:

    I love Evernote – I use it for practically everything! But now I will have to look into Powerbot. If it is as powerful as you mention in your post it may eliminate a lot of the stress in my life and make me a more productive mom, employee and entrepreneur. Thanks for the amazing post!

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