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If you have read this blog at all, you know that one of the apps that I absolutely GUSH about is Evernote.  I’ve written about Evernote as my second brain.  If you are a business owner, you SHOULD be using Evernote.  If you are an at home organizer, you should be USING Evernote.  If you are a student, YOU SHOULD BE USING EVERNOTE!!  Did I say that loudly enough?

OK.  Now, that is out of my system, Evernote has caused me to give the thumbs up again by adding Reminders to their already robust product.  Here is Evernote’s product update video for this.
[inspyr_video][/inspyr_video] **Click here to see video here if unable to view in this post**

Since this is a new release, I have not been able to put it through all of the paces just yet.  But, I am ALREADY enjoying the iPad pop up reminders and the possibilities for that.  For Evernote Business users, this is a great leap forward as tracking projects is now a lot easier.

This new feature is not yet available for Windows and Android.  However, you can be assured that it is on its way.

Read the official blog post from Evernote on this neat new feature.

What are your thoughts about Evernote Reminders?  How can you use it?  Leave your comments below!

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