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Seriously, your days are just SO much better when you are doing something awesome!  Who enjoys waking up every morning with the thought, “well, today is gonna stink!”?  I know I don’t.  So, I don’t wake up thinking that.  I’m not perfect but I’m learning to wake up thinking about what I can create that day, that moment.  What is the next new thing that I can create?  If you’ve visited this blog more than once, you’ve probably seen that not only do I like new things, I like to create new things if I can.  For me, creativity is the essence of every moment of every day.  Living with the idea that I can determine the prism that my life is viewed through is a powerful way to be each day.  Some people think of themselves as lacking creativity.  They ask the question, “how can I create if I’m not a creative person?”

We are all creative.  We just have to access that part of us and determine to use it regularly.  Granted, the marketing and advertising geniuses of the world seem to have a greater dose of the “creativity” pill than most of us.  But, there are things that you can do daily to heighten that creative sensibility that you have.

1.  Write down your ideas as soon as you think about them – Try it.  Carry around a notebook or something to jot or record your thoughts.  Anytime your mind frames a question, write it down.  Try writing down as much as you can wonder about for 1 week.  We all have questions that we don’t know answers to.  Write down the questions and the ideas and then chase the answer when you have a moment.  I don’t carry a physical spiral notebook around with me but I always have my phone and my trusty Evernote app.

2. Listen to some new music – Most of us have our favorites….our favorite station, our favorite mp3, our favorite artist, our favorite genre.  Try listening to a new station on your way in to work.  Better yet, try listening to a new Pandora station where you can choose the genre.  Try to listen and find one song that you actually like.  Ask yourself why you like it?

3. Hang out with someone else who is creative – Most of us know someone that we view as creative.  Go have lunch with them.  Go hang out with them.  Don’t worry about probing them with questions.  Just hang out with them and observe what they do, how they act, how they respond, how they…..well, create.

4. Sleep – Yep.  It’s true.  Some of the reasons why you are NOT creative is because you are tired.  Nope, coffee is not the antidote here.  Go to bed.  Get some GOOD rest!

5. Do something off the wall – I don’t know about you, but sometimes when no one is looking, I sneak in a little crazy dance in the hallways.  Or I pull up to a stoplight,  turn up my music pretty loudly in the car and dance like crazy for 10 seconds then turn it back down and act like nothing happened.  If anyone looks at me, I simply look back at them, point and laugh as if they are the ones that are wacky.

6. Doodle – Get a piece of paper and a pen and just start drawing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  There is this really great app on my iPad called Paper.  It lets me do this.  I have quite a few pages of utter nonsense.  I don’t feel guilty at all.

7. Do something nice for someone randomly – There is something about giving away something unexpected that stirs up your happy juices.  You don’t have to spend money. It can be as simple as holding the elevator door or saying an enthusiastic good morning to someone who looks like they woke up from a rough dream.

8. Play a game – Angry Birds has been a huge success because it is simple and allows people to think creatively about physics, geometric angles and problem solving.  Games have a way of taking you away from the seriousness of life and into another world.  If you don’t like the games you have, try a new one.  Life is not that serious.  Create something fun.

9. Plan a trip – You might be ready for a vacation but this isn’t the only type of trip you can plan.  Plan a trip to a museum that you have never been to.  Plan a trip to a park for a picnic.  Plan a family trip that you can work towards for the next 3 months.  Plan something out of this world!

10. Clean up – If your desk is disorganized or your space is cluttered, it can be hard to think.  Yip, creative people aren’t always the most organized bunch.  But, most have the ability to clean out their minds so that the physical doesn’t matter as much.  The rest of us that are not there yet may need to mimic that mental clearing by actually doing a physical clearing.  It’s sort of like trying to do work on a board that’s already been drawn all over.  Clean that board so that you can CREATE!!


What are YOUR tips for being creative and awesome all in the same day?





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