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Stephen A. Hart - Blazing A Brand With Your Story

In Case You Missed It

Last week, I posted two episodes – episodes 46 and 47 to celebrate the new year.

In last Tuesday’s episode, our guest is a 25-year entrepreneur, speaker, and globally-recognized growth strategist. Her lifetime legacy mission is to educate, equip, and empower 100 million entrepreneurs and leaders with the skillset and mindset they need to reach their full potential. Check out Marissa Levin’s episode here.

Thursday’s episode featured an inspirational story from someone who chose to BE THE EXCEPTION – overcoming her difficult circumstances as a child and growing up to become an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and certified coach. Annie Meehan’s story can be found through this link.

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This Week’s Episode

What happens when you go from being a millionaire to being flat broke? What happens when you end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars? What do you do then? Would you wallow in grief and give up? Or will you fight and bounce back? Our inspiring guest this week chose the latter and succeeded in reinventing his brand.

Reinventing himself as a marketer, podcaster, and brand alignment strategist, he helps busy, heart-centered entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders build amazing personal brands so they can grow their career or business save time – not having figure out on their own and finally deliver their message to the world with confidence.

Stephen A. Hart has an inspiring story to share, let’s listen to it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [03:47] How did Stephen A. Hart make his first million… and lose it?
  • [06:15] Stephen shares how he and his wife suddenly went from newly wedded bliss to financial crisis mode.
  • [09:00] How did Stephen and his wife successfully navigate this difficult situation together?
  • [11:24] What steps did he take to rebuild the business?
  • [12:20] How did Stephen know what path to choose when he reinvented himself?
  • [14:24] How would a person move forward if they know they need to reinvent but they do not have a market?
  • [16:20] Stephen’s tip for entrepreneurs and having their Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)?
  • [16:56] If one finds oneself in the middle of their transition and realized it is the wrong track, how does one handle that?
  • [18:45] Stephen shares what a “brand” truly is especially for a speaker, coach, consultant, entrepreneur?
  • [19:58] How does one set out to be intentional in effectively branding themselves?
  • [20:52] What are the important things that someone should be looking at as it relates to their brand?
  • [24:22] What are some of the tools or platforms that we should be considering to build our brand now.

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