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We are almost through the first 2/3rds of the year.  And of course, you have probably heard the question, “How are you doing with your goals?”

“Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish?”

“Have you reached the benchmarks that you put on your plan?”

“Are you on track to end the year strong?”

Those are all great questions.  And, it is good to evaluate where you are.  But, it’s also time to be real.  That last 33% can be a BEAR!

In the beginning, you’ve got newness, honeymoon phase, adrenaline, startup juice and maybe even some company along the way.

In the second 3rd of the year, you’ve begun to navigate through some obstacles and now you have to be a bit more creative because the solutions that you used at the beginning no longer work as effectively.  The people that kept you accountable and the support that you had at the beginning is beginning to wane.  Life is taking over for a lot of people and they are beginning to succumb to the pressure and falling back into the routine that normally takes over.

diamonds_never_give_upLook at this image! This is what happens to a lot of people.  They push hard through the year and then in that home stretch, they pick up their tools and go home dejected because they didn’t reach their goals.  But, as the picture makes clear, they were so close.

That last 33% is tough.  You’ve climbed the majority of the mountain but it’s in that last 33% where the air begins to get thinner, where your fitness starts to be tested, and where your preparedness begins to kick in.  During that last 33%, you may not have the luxury of time to figure it out.  You may not have the benefit of a fully functioning team.  What you DO have left is the preparation that you put in to get ready for the last part of the climb and your own desire to succeed.

That last 33% is what makes or breaks you.  Some people have already quit but that last 33% can determine the success of your entire year.

What are you going to do?  You may need to reset your strategies and tweak for the home stretch.  But, this is where winners are made!

What actions are you going to take during this last 33% of the year in order to GUARANTEE your success? Leave your response in the comments.


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