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Get uncomfortable! That’s it. Seriously. We crave comfort. We do all we can to get it and fight like crazy to stay there.

Sometimes we fight more for comfort than for progress. We want to be warm. We want to be cozy, and we don’t want to be disturbed. Yet, we want progress and success.

I just had a meeting with a friend. He is already a speaker and was comfortable with that. But, his ‘discomfort’ came when he was asked to write a book. He wrote the book and is now going through the process of building a platform and learning the marketing end of things. He’s not skilled in this area. Discomfort.

I recently spoke with another friend. He has a passion for fitness and really wants to grow his fitness brand so he can change the world around him. But, to grow it, he would need to leave his full-time job. This freaks him out. Discomfort.

Another friend of mine is an excellent speaker. Every time I hear him, I see great potential. But he is afraid that if he leaves his job to pursue this, he won’t want to do it anymore, and then he’ll also be out of a job. Discomfort.

But, what if you sought discomfort and primed yourself USING discomfort?

Tony Robbins previously spoke about his morning routine which used to include jumping into a pool of water maintained at 57 degrees Fahrenheit. This cold plunge quickly removed the body from its slumber zone or comfort zone and awakened all the senses.

You will note that when you are in discomfort, your sensed become heightened. Normally, you might interpret it as being fearful or simply uncomfortable. But, ultimately, it’s just energy. It’s your body priming you for action. You get to determine if that action is progressive or comfort-seeking.

The more you seek comfort, the easier it is to repeat the behavior.

As a speaker, trainer or communicator, what makes you uncomfortable? Is it the stage or is it the required practice before the stage? It’s different for everyone. Some enjoy the stage, but they hate practice because it makes them uncomfortable. Is it making the phone call to get booked? Is it sending the email to set up the first meeting?

I hate talking about myself.

That’s one I’ve heard from many speakers, and I’ve even said it myself a few times.

But it all boils down to discomfort.

You can have the greatest plans and strategies in the world. But, at some point, you will have to dive into discomfort. It’s the only path to growth. If you never feel the discomfort, then it’s not growth. You are already doing what’s possible for you. You are already doing what comes easily.

So, here’s how you can begin┬áto get uncomfortable.

Tomorrow morning, take a cold shower.

Seek discomfort. Seek success.

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