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It’s too hard.
There are so many people doing that and the market is over-saturated.
You’re too old to start something new.
You need to have a degree in this for people to listen to you.
Everyone is writing a book now.
There’s nothing special about you.
The system is rigged against you.
You’re black and you’re male.  That’s already two strikes.
That’s going to be too hard.
You won’t get support.
No one will understand it.
People are going to laugh at you.
We did that and it didn’t work.
That’s impossible.
It doesn’t make any sense to try it that way.
You’re too short.
You’re not funny enough.
You’re not a researcher.
That doesn’t sound scholarly enough.
You don’t have enough money for that.
All it takes is one BOLD ACTION to change history
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