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How do you get from your day job to your dream? That’s a question that I have heard many times and have, in fact, asked it myself! Many people are fine with their jobs and that is awesome. But there are some that dream to do something that doesn’t require 9-5 hours. When someone dreams and achieves that dream, it is usually an awesome moment for them. But, for those that witness it, it’s also especially inspiring and often brings out thoughts of, “Oooooh, I wanna do that too!”

So, having a conversation with Jeff Goins, author of ‘Wrecked‘, was a moment that I loved simply because as I have mentioned before, I love dreams. Dreams are awesome but there is also a work element of them that many have some fear about. Watch conversation with Jeff as he covers the work he put in, how he prepared for his dream, the misconceptions of people outside of the dream and finally how he got from Day Job to Dream.


Jeff Goins Information
Twitter: @JeffGoins
Books: Wrecked, You Are A Writer, The Writer’s Manifesto


What’s YOUR dream?  What’s your plan to get there?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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