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With all of the gurus, motivational speakers, coaches and positive thinkers out there (myself included), there are definitely days where you wake up and find it tough to see what is amazing about that day.  Your results may not be what you want and so you find it challenging to think about the finish line.  What if you knew about 3 “irrefutable and proven” methods to achieve all of your objectives?  Would you put them into practice immediately?

Well, I had the privilege of interviewing the #1 results coach in Canada, Shawn Shewchuk.  His recent publication, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Results” deals with just this scenario, creating greater results via shifting our focus.  It sounds easy enough, right?

You can find out more about Shawn by using the following information:
Twitter: @shawnshewchuk


Change Your Mind Change Your ResultsYou may also purchase Shawn’s book here: CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON

What have you done to try to achieve greater results? Let me know in the comments below.

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