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It’s always pretty neat to speak with someone who connects with something else that you have experienced in your life.  So, meeting Lisa and connecting her with the Hanes commercial was a treat.  It’s almost like knowing someone before you meet them.  You knew their work.  And you connected with something that they had done.  So, when you meet, its like a reunion of sorts.

Lisa spent quite a bit of time in the corporate world building and supporting ad campaigns like the Hanes campaign.  However, she realized that was not how she wanted to serve and help people, businesses.  So, she got out.  Unlike some people who suffer in silence, she simply got out.  Now, she consults with businesses to help them write awesome copy and appear creative.

Take a look at what she has to say about succeeding on your own:

Lisa would love to be helpful to you so she is offering to show some special love to my readers. Simply visit her consulting page below and grab a time with, then mention that you saw her here on What Success Looks Like.

Here’s how to reach her:

Main site:
Consulting Page:
Publication: The DaVinci Dilemma

What does success look like for you? What’s your unique story? Leave your message in the comments.

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