What Success Looks Like #3 – Rashawnda Daniels ‘Shawnda Dee’

By Robert Kennedy III

A Hair Tour?  What is THAT?  It’s something that I’d never personally heard of, but its a great idea.  How about getting sponsored by Google to make this tour happen.  Even MORE awesome!  Rashawnda Daniels has established Global Hair Extensions Academy and travels teaching about…..what else, hair.  As she says, when you follow you dreams, things have a way of happening.  Let’s figure out what Rashawnda’s success looks like:


Wayne Dyer
Deepak Chopra

Shawnda’s Apps
Accounting – Freshbooks
Form Builder/Survey – Wufoo
Credit Card Processing – Paypal
Cloud Storage – Google Drive
Web Analysis – Google Analytics
Website – WordPress
Mobile Marketing – www.protexting.com

Shawnda’s Contact
Website – www.shawndadee.com
Twitter – @shawndadee
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Love-Shawnda-Page/125432607499607

What do you think about Shawnda’s approach to life and success?  What can you use in your own life?