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What does Success look like? This is the first in a series of video blogs and interviews that I will be hosting.  It will be simply based on the idea that as we all strive for success at SOMETHING, we may have a limited idea of what that means.  For many, success is measured in terms of money or notoriety.  But, I want to go further back and look at some of the inspiring moments, the drivers, the things that have motivated people to push for success.  I want to find out what their picture of success looks like.  So, with that said, I will be talking to business people, authors, creatives, people with ideas in order to find out what has made them successful and what drives them toward success.

Let’s start with Shawn Chevalier.  He is a young entrepreneur in Maryland who has found his “Why”.  As the owner of a unique fitness company, he has been pushing towards success for quite some time.  I enjoyed meeting with him and hearing the story behind his small business, his social media secret sauce, and how he plans for success!


Social Media Tools Shawn mentioned: Posterous, Facebook Manager

Visit Shawn at Hardbody Outdoor Fitness.  Follow him on Twitter.

What does success look like for you?

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