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You Gotta Have A Book - Cathy Fyock

In Case You Missed It

Last week’s episode was a great dive into an amazing mind. We had a multi-talented, multi-faceted man – a leader, speaker, innovator, and most importantly, a “connector“! He works to connect people not only in the Technology sector but in the leadership space as well. Navigate the career and story of Kirk Nugent here.

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This Week’s Episode

Our guest this week is a CSP, SPHR, and an SHRM-SCP! A whole lot of letters for an amazing woman; a speaker, an author, a coach, and a “Business Book Strategist.” She believes that it’s holy work in writing and telling your story. She also believes it’s holy work to help others tell theirs.

Cathy Fyock has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [02:55] Cathy Fyock is a Business Book Strategist and a “Possibility Partner.” What does the latter mean and where did it come from?
  • [03:52] What is a business book in the context of a professional speaker?
  • [04:30] Has Cathy worked with an author on a business book written as a parable or a story?
  • [05:01] What are some of the challenges in writing a business parable?
  • [05:45] How has Cathy managed to write nine (9) books over the years whereas others struggle for decades to write even one?
  • [06:32] What does Cathy believe are some benefits in writing?
  • [07:56] How does one know what book to write that will sell?
  • [09:59] How can one write confidently about a topic that is not yet their area of expertise?
  • [10:59] What is “Productive Procrastination” and how is it detrimental to writers?
  • [11:49] Cathy shares with us her new book, “The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches” and the process of how it came to be.
  • [13:03] What is one of the biggest challenges that Cathy’s clients face?
  • [14:54] What are Cathy’s tips for new speakers and writers on how to get into the industry?
  • [15:58] What about for those with experience; how do they gain more traction in their next endeavors?

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