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The RK3 Show - Navigating The Career of a Leader

In Case You Missed It

On last week’s episode, we had an award-winning speaker, coach, and trainer – our guest is all these and more. An entrepreneur who found his calling as someone who can help “energize” people; his advice ran the gamut – from business, personal, analytical, emotional. His ability is to transform and draw out the best from people. Find out more about Coach Kendall Ficklin’s story here.

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This Week’s Episode

A leader, speaker, and an innovator – our guest this week is multi-talented, multi-faceted. He has worked with leaders in the USA as well as in South Africa. He works to “connect” people not only in the Technology sector but in the leadership space as well.

Kirk Nugent has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [02:34] What is Kirk’s diverse and awesome background?
  • [04:08] Kirk shares his most memorable experience in the leadership space of South Africa and how to deal with cultural differences.
  • [08:01] How does a young, emerging leader who needs to lead a multigenerational group, push an innovative idea across and influence others?
  • [09:08] What is Kirk’s leadership style when leading his team?
  • [10:52] What are some of the physical preparations (voice, body, eyes) that a leader has to do before entering a challenging conversation?
  • [12:15] What is Kirk’s routine to prep HIMSELF for a discussion?
  • [15:10] Is there anything specific that Kirk does to set a meeting’s tone verbally?
  • [16:33] Are there any unique challenges in the technology space that are different than other spaces?
  • [18:18] What piece of advice does Kirk Nugent find himself giving most often?
  • [19:47] A leader, a speaker, a technology director – a multifaceted individual; what does Kirk believe is his most important role?

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