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“Young Men should have a voice. Young Men should have role models. Young men must have support to be successful.” This is what Sonnie Njau advocates and the reason why she set up the “Men Impact Change” organization. Check out her story here.

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This Week’s Episode

“Nobody cares what you’ve been through until you tell them how you can come through.”

An award-winning speaker, coach, and trainer – our guest is all these and more. An entrepreneur who found his calling as someone who can help “energize” people; his advice ran the gamut – from business, personal, analytical, emotional. His ability is to transform and draw out the best from people.

Coach Kendall Ficklin has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [03:06] Where did his catchphrase “Great grind day” come about?
  • [03:59] Kendall shares how he realized he was not cut out for a 9-5 job.
  • [05:03] How did Kendall discover his passion and talent for entrepreneurship?
  • [05:46] Kendall shares his first official, REAL business and his struggles through it.
  • [07:06] He’s a speaker, coach, entrepreneur – what is the main way that Kendall help others?
  • [07:36] What is MCI and how did it help Kendall help others?
  • [08:48] Why do I need a signature story?
  • [09:26] Top 5 ULEs – what is this and how does it create your power as a speaker?
  • [10:43] How do you help people when they don’t feel like they have any unique experiences?
  • [11:35] “Stop looking at other people’s stuff” – how social media can derail you from your goals.
  • [13:13] How do you keep your audience engaged.
  • [15:10] Is there one practice that Kendall does that really helps to create or drive confidence for him?
  • [17:24] Kendall shares 3 tips on how new speakers can find other people that can help them find their next level, their greater success.

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