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Our guest last week has been on ABC, NBC, Fox, and all the other -BC’s! She loves to help people who are smart enough to realize that they need to say “YES” when somebody says “Will you speak?” Discover Felicia J. Slattery’s story here!

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What’s In Store For You

Numbers tell a story and they never lie.” – Lisa Anderson

My guest today loves numbers! She’s a CPA, strategic business advisor, million dollar mentor, and is the President of Anavo Transformation Solutions. She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs transform their money stories from trouble to topnotch; moving business owners from sobbing to seven figures. 

If you want to know what story your money is telling, let Lisa Anderson help you out!

  • [04:26] As someone who started in a very male-dominated industry, how did Lisa manage to increase and elevate herself?
  • [06:24] How did Lisa find the courage to speak up when necessary?
  • [08:06] What advice can Lisa give to women on how to say what they have to say without seemingly wanting to dominate the discussion?
  • [09:40] How does Lisa help people understand their “number stories”?
  • [10:43] How frequently should one check their business figures?
  • [12:34] What are some of the things that Lisa might recommend to people for them to have power over their money stories?
  • [14:06] What is the one financial aspect that causes business owners to be afraid of their numbers?
  • [16:02] What are some of the things that Lisa does to help bring numbers to for life for new speakers who want to understand the business aspect of speaking?
  • [17:49] How can a speaker figure out what is the right amount to charge for engagements?
  • [19:52] Are there any books resources that Lisa can suggest that would help people to truly embrace their money story?

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