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Last week, we had the “Goal Digger” as part of The RK3 Show. She’s a bestselling author who has written numerous books and, for the past 10 years, has been helping others write their own bestseller in a weekend!

She’s a big believer in communication, storytelling, and the power of words. Check out the previous episode and find out how Alicia Dunams can help you write your own bestseller in a weekend and transform others’ with the power of your words!

I have a question for you: “What is something you were led to believe as a child that you found out later wasn’t true?” I want to know your thoughts. Share your messages through:

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What’s In Store For You

In the football field, I had to use my physicality. Off the football fiel, I got to use my mentality.” – Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is a former Super Bowl winning running back for the Washington Redskins. Brian had a successful 14-year career in the NFL and made a transition after his career to analyst, motivational speaker, and host of the self-named show The Brian Mitchell Show. Let’s hear how Brian made it from the gridiron to the grandstands!

  • [09:41] How can you motivate others when situations are challenging and people just want to self-isolate in their own mental, emotional space?
  • [12:05] What does a spark plug, a Ferrari, and a jalopy have to do with being a champion?
  • [12:57] What does Brian share with organizations about how to get to championship level with what while you’re working with others?
  • [15:26] How does Brian intentionally keep people’s attention with his storytelling?
  • [17:11] Success is as simple as what for Brian?
  • [18:24] What should a storyteller do if they want to get in and be successful with the media?
  • [20:19] What are the things that Brian does differently behind the mic than in person?
  • [22:00] What is the best way that Brian serves people?

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