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Raw, unedited, from the heart – this is how I would describe the previous and impromptu episode that I recorded and shared for The RK3 Show. Nothing is scripted, no notes, no show intro, no music. No nothing. Just me, my thoughts, and a call to action to each and every one of us to bring forth a better society. Listen and choose HOPE by listening to the previous episode.

I have a question for you: “What is something you were led to believe as a child that you found out later wasn’t true?” I want to know your thoughts on this question by sending me your messages through:

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What’s In Store For You

What stories do people tell when they see you? What story do you tell when you see people? What lens shares the best photo and insight into your story?

Growing up in a household of drug addicts and being a former felon himself, who would have ever imagined our guest ever getting past these challenges and thriving?

He’s an author. He’s a nationally published, award-winning, corporate and commercial photographer. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where his interest for being an entrepreneur was birthed.

With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, J. Haleem’s company “I Won’t Starve, LLC” provides education and training focused on entrepreneurship and career development. Let’s learn and be inspired by J. Haleem Washington‘s story in Episode 63 of The RK3 Show.

  • [07:06] J. Haleem shares the greatest challenges he’s faced and how he used those experiences to thrive.
  • [08:40] In spite of being a former felon, how has he managed to work with high-profile clients such as Save the Children, the National Guard, WNBA Star Asha Wilson.
  • [10:27] What did J. Haleem have that gave him the confidence to approach celebrities (like Ice Cube) and offer his services as a photographer?
  • [13:40] Why is the adage “Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover” applicable to J. Haleem’s life?
  • [14:48] How is he able to capture and help bring out people’s stories through his camera’s lens?
  • [15:42] J. Haleem shares how his hard work, desire, and the inspiration from his mentors made him a sought after photographer.
  • [18:09] He shares the story behind his camera and how his pastor started him on his path.
  • [19:05] J. Haleem does not take his own shots; what is the principle behind that?
  • [20:50] Despite being strangers, how can a client help his photographer understand and bring out the story that they want to tell?
  • [22:21] What is the core message behind “I Won’t Starve, LLC”?
  • [23:43] What is the main advice that J. Haleem has for someone who is struggling with a greatness mindset, trying to get out yet does not know how to make it?

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