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Rob Howze - Get Linked, Get Paid

In Case You Missed It

Last week, I focused on how Comfort Zones, Improvisation (or Improv for short), can affect your personal, professional, and business growth. I share how moving out of your comfort zone can be analogous to “driving over fresh snow” as well as the 5 powerful lessons I learned from an improvisation workshop that I participated in.

Check out episode 40 here.

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This Week’s Episode

We have a Renaissance Man this episode! He’s a rapper, a singer, a marketer, a fitness guru, a youth empowerment speaker, and a kind-of-psychedelic-genius – all wrapped into one package.

Rob Howze has an amazing story, let’s listen to it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:39] Rob starts the podcast by stating his intention as to why he puts out great energy into his videos/presentations.
  • [05:00] Rob shares the motivation behind his two businesses focusing on wellness – Camp Fit (kids) and Fit World Wide (adults).
  • [06:23] What role do genetics and epigenetics play in Rob’s path towards entrepreneurship instead of working a regular job?
  • [07:51] Why does Rob consider including his family in his LinkedIn/Business Videos important?
  • [09:31] How does he get his family to take part in his idea?
  • [10:55] We learn more about Rob’s public speaking past and how it drives his career now.
  • [12:26] What are some positive results that Rob has been seeing from his LinkedIn activity?
  • [15:21] Rob shares his thoughts on naysayers nixing LinkedIn becoming Facebook with more social posts.
  • [16:43] If you are a speaker who wants to build influence in, what are two essential things that I should be doing on LinkedIn today?
  • [18:01] How does a speaker get closer to getting a cohesive message across to his audience?
  • [19:31] How can I produce good video content without having creative talent innately?
  • [21:06] What is Napoleon Hill’s “Definite Chief Aim” and why is it important advice that Rob believes every speaker/business owner should know?

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