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What You Might Have Missed:

In the previous podcast episode, we had Nancy Vogl, an author, and owner of Nancy Vogl Speakers Bureau. We talked about how new speakers can get the attention of speaker bureaus and how speakers should prepare when connecting with agencies. Click here to listen to the full episode.

In This New Episode:

This episode is about stories – a vital tool for all speakers and communicators. It isn’t just about TELLING stories, but speaking and using stories so that you’ll be the most interesting person in the room.

But before we get into the interview, I answer a very important question sent in by a listener of our podcast. At 01:45, the person asks “Robert, how do you find the strength and the willpower to make the first step towards a goal, you’re trying to accomplish?

The short answer is “Focus on doing one more.” For the more detailed answer, I explain it 03:15 into this week’s podcast. What did you think?

Now on to the show! Our guest in this episode is a world-renowned expert on face-to-face communication with over 3 million books in print in more than 30 languages! Let’s listen to this interview with Nicholas “Nick” Boothman, author of the book, “The Irresistible Power of Story Speak.”

What’s in store for you?

  • At 6:42, Nick shares where he got the idea to write about “story speak”
  • At 07:50, we walk you through how to become a “raconteur”, through the 4 elements of story speak.
  • The great truth on why story speak works? We share this at 10:10
  • And at 12:54, we tackle the question that almost all speakers ask – how to get paid as a speaker using story speak?

Listen to these and more on how being a great storyteller makes you the most interesting person in the room!

If you have any questions about this podcast or “The RK3 Show” in general, do send us an email at podcast(at)

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  1. “The Irresistible Power of Story Speak” by Nicholas Boothman
  2. “How To Connect In Business In Less Than 90 Seconds” by Nicholas Boothman
  3. Speak Write Now Community
  4. Nicholas Boothman’s page
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