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In Case You Missed It:

Last week, we had a great conversation about “Story Speak” together with
Nicholas “Nick” Boothman, a world-renowned expert on face-to-face communication with over 3 million books in print in more than 30 languages! We talked about how speaking and using stories is vital for a speaker so that you’ll be the most interesting person in the room. Want to hear more? Check out this post!

If you have any questions about last week’s or this week’s podcast episode, do send us an email via podcast(at) I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!

In This New Episode

Today’s show is for the speakers in the room; the ones who want to tell their story, share their expertise, and GET PAID to do it.

But one of the biggest challenges that aspiring and professional speakers alike face is indeed to get paid – or to even get paid according to their worth. More often than not, speakers offer their services for free, or almost free, while growing their portfolio.

Our guest for today, Julie Austin of, talks about the possibility of speaker sponsorship in today’s episode. Here are a few highlights!

  • Julie shares her background as an inventor and a speaker at 03:10 and the fact that she has never spoken for free, EVER!
  • 07:25 into the podcast, Julie talks about and how she got started getting paid through sponsorship.
  • Based on what Julie shared, is all sounds easy. But in reality, how do you get a sponsor to say, “Yes. We’re on board with you.” What is it that sponsors want that will allow them to say yes to you? She answers this beginning at 10:10 in our conversation.
  • In 14:54, we share with you what are the two things you need to do today, in order to utilize speaker sponsorship.

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  1. Storytellers’ Growth Lab;
  2. Speaker Sponsor website
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