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My guest last Tuesday is a man who goes by two syllables: Dan Ram. He is an Igniter (five-time TEDx speaker), entrepreneur, prolific speaker, start-up coach. He is AMAZING.

He travels the world as an emcee as well; appearing on events with well-known names like Sir Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Grammy winning artists, athletes, and others. Learn more from Dan Ram and how he has positioned himself for success in Episode 77 of The RK3 Show.

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The first person to answer the 2 questions above and shares their email address will win the Gift Card! It’s that easy! I’ll announce who won the challenge in an upcoming episode so watch out for that.

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What’s In Store For You

Can you just fall into the Perfect Career?

My guest today is an attorney who experienced homelessness and had to fight her way back to success. She’s a 13-time national elevator pitch champion, has been featured on Shark Tank, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, and the movie “Leap”!

Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, and more! Let’s chat with the #KillerPitchMaster, Precious Williams and learn the precious skill of being intentional with your words.

  • [03:12] Precious shares a little insight on how she stumbled into her talent.
  • [04:17] She reveals the story of how she became Precious, the Perfect Pitch Master.
  • [07:01] Precious gives us the valuable lesson she learned about uniqueness and success.
  • [08:06] Having big conglomerates that are worth billions of dollars as clients, what is it that Precious is able to teach these corporations about pitching?
  • [11:36] In what other situations (aside from sales) will the art and science of pitching come in handy?
  • [13:45] Does being a “World Class Master Communicator” come naturally to Precious or is it intentional on her end?
  • [15:17] Precious shares a difficult time she went through and how she succeeded through it.
  • [16:30] Precious gives us FOUR TIPS on how to make the Perfect Pitch.
  • [21:05] Is there a difference between pitching to a customer versus a company’s C-suite?

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