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My guest in Episode 68 is a CHAMPION! He bested 20,000 other Toastmaster contestants and was declared as THE champion. Ladies and gentlemen, take a listen to my conversation with Speaker, Trainer, 2019 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Aaron Beverly!

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What’s In Store For You

I believe that the results that show up in our life are just as important as the results that show up in your bank account.” — Che Brown, The Happy Entrepreneur

Che Brown is the founder of The Happy Entrepreneur Sales Club. He is a globally-renowned giant in the sales world; he has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential power, and wealth.

Listen and find out what are the keys to happiness and wealth in life!

  • [07:05] Che shares how he came up with the idea of The Happy Entrepreneur Show and why is he so happy?
  • [08:55] What concept should we embrace which should be one of our fundamental core beliefs?
  • [09:19] Having gone through bankruptcy and divorce, what keeps Che personally going when all of these difficulties hit?
  • [10:37] What is the Number 1 skill that every entrepreneur needs to know?
  • [11:30] What is the first step that Che decided he was going to take in order to get back on his feet?
  • [13:17] Why does Che compare himself to Napoleon Hill?
  • [14:13] “You don’t have to get it right; you just got to get going.” Why is this important in life?
  • [16:26] What does James Brown, The Godfather of Soul, and Che Brown have in common when they talk about “Selective Amnesia”? How can it prepare businesses to bounce back from setbacks?
  • [19:15] “Don’t Chase The Money! Add value and the money will chase you.” – Che explains why money shouldn’t be our end-all and be-all.
  • [20:23] S+S+S = S! Che gives us THREE steps that we need to do in order to build a Happy Entrepreneur business.

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