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Growing up in a household of drug addicts and being a former felon himself, who would have ever imagined him ever getting past these challenges and thriving? He has since become an author; a nationally published, award-winning, corporate and commercial photographer. He established “I Won’t Starve, LLC” and provides education and training focused on entrepreneurship and career development. Learn more about J. Haleem Washington‘s story in the previous episode.

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What’s In Store For You

How many ways do I need to share my message to make a mark? Where do I need to share it to make an impact?

Our guest in Episode 64 is Brian J. Dixon. Brian loves to assure people that their message matters. He does this through helping authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers create a sustainable business and create online courses.

He wants people to know that they do not have to be stuck in their miserable job and they can start a business they love. They can live a life they love and that he’s here to help. How can he help you? Listen to the episode and discover what your true calling is!

  • [04:15] “You don’t have to be stuck in a miserable job!” Brian Dixon starts us off with an explosive message.
  • [04:37] Our parents taught us that we have to go to college, get a job, then do that forever; why does Brian disagree with that?
  • [05:20] Brian shares how a family Christmas fiasco made him realize his life’s purpose.
  • [08:39] “Your mess is your message.” How did this mantra got Brian to help people get their message out based on their mess?
  • [10:33] What made Brian so passionate about helping people that it made him venture out of his comfort zone?
  • [12:54] Why are people scared of sharing their stories, their mess, and messages?
  • [14:30] Brian shares the background of his ideal client, “Cheryl”.
  • [17:15] What is the first thing “Cheryl” should do to share her message?
  • [19:18] Here’s tip #2 on how to start sharing your story.
  • [21:23] And here’s step #3 on how to start sharing your story.
  • [22:17] What message does Brian share with his coaching clients to help them get past the fear of “being naked”?
  • [24:59] “Go where the people are hanging out and join the party.” How can I find what “party” I should join?
  • [27:43] What is the biggest thing that Brian does to make his message stick with his audience?

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