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In the previous episode, we had the honor of having the phenomenal vocal coach (who has coached a “Who’s Who” list including Angelina Jolie), Arthur Joseph! Discover the power of your voice from one of the world’s foremost communications strategist here.

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This Week’s Episode

“Butterflies” – that feeling of clammy hands, racing heart, queasy stomach when you are about to do something you feel nervous about. All speakers go through this experience; I know I did especially when I was starting out. But will it ever go away?

In this episode, I share how we, as speakers, leaders, and communicators should deal with the butterflies. I have a story to tell, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [03:59] As a speaker, when do the nerves disappear?
  • [04:48] A few reasons why we feel nervous
  • [06:12] Robert’s first encounter with the “butterflies”
  • [07:25] What do you do when you forget all the words you are supposed to sing?
  • [08:01] Should we get rid of the butterflies? Or should we focus our energy elsewhere?
  • [08:34] Visual exercise to help you focus
  • [09:21] Four physical exercises to combat your nerves

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