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In Case You Missed It

Dianna Booher graced The RK3 Show last week and shared her thoughts on whether a speaker should focus on purely speaking or writing versus diving into both.

An author who has written 48 books through traditional publishing methods as well as a member of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame, Dianna shares gems of wisdom in the podcast. Listen to her episode now!

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Shout out to Eric Herve Jean-Baptiste! He sent a voicemail where his son sang the show’s theme song and I air it in this episode! If you want to hear your voice/message as well, leave me a message at I’ll air your message on one of the next episodes.

This Week’s Episode

Our guest today is a Girlfriend. No, not my girlfriend! Sana’ Rasul is THE Chief Girlfriend, Founder of HR Girlfriends – an HR networking and strategic partnering organization.

She is a consultant who helps organizations find and keep amazing talent; empowers them to be educated and knowledgeable about how to be the best in their industry. She also imparts wisdom on how women can be a louder voice and break the glass ceiling! Sana’ has a story, let’s hear it.

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:14] What does Sana do as a “Chief Girlfriend”?
  • [04:47] What are some examples of the quality programming that HR Girlfriends provides?
  • [06:01] Does the glass ceiling still exist for women? What do women need to do to get heard in corporations and organizations?
  • [07:56] How can women be more visible and be chosen as spokespersons for organizations or events?
  • [09:31] For Sana, how do our individual stories make us subject matter experts?
  • [10:22] How does Sana empower a person who believes their story doesn’t matter?
  • [13:35] Sana shares 2 key tips on how women can communicate that will allow them to be heard more effectively.
  • [17:38] Why should people get connected with HR Girlfriends?

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