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Last week, we had a very expressive guest who can help you create powerful marketing messages that make an impact through video. Alex Ferguson is the owner of Your Local Studio, the organizer of KEY5 Conference, and a part of the KEY5 podcast. Here’s the link to his episode!

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This Week’s Episode

I have a TWO-fer for all of you this week! Yes, you read that right – our guest for this week was too awesome that we just had to spread all that greatness in two separate episodes. The first episode was released on Tuesday (7/31/2019) while the second one can be expected on Thursday (8/1/2019). Fret not though, as both episodes’ show notes can be read in this blog entry right here.

Our guest is amazing in the world of Contract Training and has great ideas about how to make money without being a main stage speaker. He believes that your passion will lead you to your purpose and that influence is the key to meeting your goal.

Jaime Swindell has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

PART 1 (July 31, 2019)

  • [03:16] How did “Mr. Lifestyle” came about?
  • [04:30] What has his mission been in his businesses?
  • [05:28] Jaime shares an overview of the different businesses/endeavors that he is involved in.
  • [06:56] What part of the bible inspired Jaime to create “seven streams” of income?
  • [07:57] Why is it beneficial to have multiple approaches in your business?
  • [10:06] How has he managed to build up his career other than becoming a keynote speaker?
  • [11:00] From electrical engineering to contract training – Jaime takes us through his divinely-inspired story.
  • [19:38] What did Jaime do to gain clarity on the path that he should take?
  • [20:52] “We were all created to have dominion” – what does this mean for all aspiring speakers and leader?
  • [21:56] Purpose and Passion – it makes all the difference
  • [23:02] “Find a problem then speak to that problem” – what does this mean?
  • [23:57] Problems, Purpose, Passion – the 3 P’s to start a great career as a speaker

PART 2 (August 1, 2019)

  • [01:02] Jaime gives us an introduction on what being a contract trainer is about.
  • [03:06] Jaime walks us through the start of his experience as a contract trainer.
  • [04:27] Where does a contract trainer make real money?
  • [06:16] What was Jaime’s initial problem as a contract speaker?
  • [07:10] Why are sales skills important – even for an ordinary individual?
  • [08:09] If I want to be a contract trainer, where do I start?
  • [09:42] What are some of the pitfalls of contract training?
  • [11:38] What is the minimum acceptable sales average for a contract trainer?
  • [13:35] What was the tipping point for Jaime that motivated him to improve himself?
  • [14:47] What was the first step that Jaime took to make himself a better contract trainer?
  • [16:37] Jaime provides other activities that he used to develop his skills.
  • [17:56] When did Jaime add coaching to his “seven streams”?
  • [19:07] What is a scarcity vs. prosperity mentality?
  • [21:12] What books can we read in order to learn about influence? (see the RESOURCES section for the links)

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  1. 28 Days To A New Me (2nd Edition) – Robert Kennedy III (RK3, that’s me!);
  2. ;
  3. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.
  4. How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie;
  5. Jaime Swindell (Mr. Lifestyle)’s website;
  6. Jaime Swindell (Mr. Lifestyle)’s YouTube page;
  7. Fred Pryor Seminars – Contract Training reference;
  8. SkillPath Seminars – Contract Training reference;
  9. Speak Write Now Community;
  10. podcast(at) – send your questions and comments;
  11. Voice message – hear your voice on-air!
  12. The RK3 Show Patreon page (Help us keep this show going and get perks. Be a patron of this show!)
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