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Our guest in Episode 82 is no other than Andy Henriquez. He attended Florida State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in accounting. He even became a licensed CPA! But then he decided that in order to fulfill his purpose, he had to pivot to that world of storytelling. In December of 2004, he took a step of faith, left his corporate job, and became an entrepreneur and the rest is history!

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What’s In Store For You

How easy is it to be funny on-demand?

Our guest in Episode 83 is a natural. She is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post contributor, and cast member of the Fashion Hero TV show airing on Amazon Prime. She is also the author of “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale”, “The Story Formula”, and other books.

Let’s hit our funny bones with amazing speaker and comedienne extraordinaire, Kelly Swanson!

  • [04:02] How does Kelly differentiate herself from other “motivational speakers”?
  • [06:02] Kelly shares how Prides Hollow started her on her journey to success.
  • [07:37] Kelly now speaks about perceptions on motivational speakers and comedians.
  • [08:42] Is there a training that allows one to learn the techniques on how to add humor to their story, talk, or speech?
  • [11:42] How would Kelly direct others on how to find their personal story that is fun and helps lighten the mood?
  • [12:34] How can one keep track of the best stories that a speaker can share and use in their presentations?
  • [15:40] What does Kelly do to truly connect and engage with her audience using her stories?
  • [18:20] How does Kelly tell stories in the business setting in a way that connects with people who might be more formal?
  • [21:03] How do you pick the right story to persuade people based on what they want?
  • [24:42] Kelly shares an overview of her book with the fascinating title, “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale”.

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  1. Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?: How To Hang On To Humor When Life Doesn’t Go The Way You Planned by Kelly Swanson;
  2. The Story Formula: Mastering the art of connection and engagement through the power of strategic storytelling by Kelly Swanson;
  3. The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking (5 Book Series) by Kelly Swanson;
  4. The Land Of If Only: A little story for those who are small – with a message big enough for us all by Kelly Swanson;
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