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My guest in the previous episode is Tristen Sutton. He has become the Go To strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for proven branding and marketing strategies that will drive their business to the top in their market space.

After years of seeing low returns from traditional marketing efforts, Tristen himself decided to try something new and shifted his own efforts towards social media. With his success, he’s been branded as the “Branding Jedi” on Social Media for his unconventional methods in Marketing and Business.

Learn from the Branding Jedi about how to get greater reach with your story in Episode 79.

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What’s In Store For You

Some people just seem confident on camera when they have to deliver a presentation virtually or even just doing a livestream. They have this suave, this panache, the charisma – something that they seem to have been born with. These days it is crucial to be so confident on screen because with the current pandemic, we all need to be online.

Maybe the big question here is: are you hurting your brand when you show up without confidence on video Lets talk about Five ways for your authentic self to show up confidently on screen in Episode 80 of The RK3 Show.

  • [05:47] How to begin building confidence screen tip #1: Repetition
  • [12:02] How to begin building confidence screen tip #2: Look great!
  • [15:00] How to begin building confidence screen tip #3: Turn up the volume!
  • [17:25] How to begin building confidence screen tip #4: Talk to yourself.
  • [19:04] How to begin building confidence screen tip #5: Get a partner

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