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One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about life is the lack of boredom. I have a hard time believing someone who tells me that life is boring. You REALLY have to be looking for boredom to find it. There is something different and new each day and I enjoy looking at those moments.

But, I guess a part of the problem is JUST THAT. Most people aren’t looking. They are simply riding along and they are not driving the car either. They aren’t in the passenger seat or in the back row. They’re tied to the bumper (old reference, I know) with a string and just being pulled along. They have given up the power to create, to be in charge, or to even contribute to their day.

That wouldn’t matter at all if most people said nothing. But, whether it be by their body language or the words that they say, most people talk about what’s missing. They talk about what they would rather be doing. They talk about why their life isn’t complete and what changes they “wish” they could make in their lives. That’s why new year’s resolutions and challenge programs are such a big deal. People want better… least they say they do.

Now, the trick is actually putting that “better” into practice and action. That’s the area where the ball gets dropped, stepped on and often annihilated. It’s not that people NEVER act on their goals. The issue is that many never come up with a strategic approach and so when things get in the way, they fall off track and many never return.

Have you ever met “that” person who has tried 452 diets, 399 exercise programs and still looks the same way they did when they started complaining that they needed to make a change? Have you shaken your head every time they open their mouth because you know that they never finish? Or maybe YOU are this person? Again, no strategy.

Well, having a strategy is really easier than many people think. I’m going to share with you some steps to making the transformation that you have been missing. The biggest thing that you will need to do is commit to doing this DAILY!

Here are the steps:

1. Choose ONE area that you would like to address and then choose ONE activity that you will use to address it. For example, if health is the area, then choose walking as the activity that you will use to address it.

2. Choose an amount of time that you will perform this activity. I like the number 28. As a matter of fact, I run 28 Days groups very month that focus on different aspects of transformation. For instance, this month we are focusing on transformation through writing.

3. Choose a specific time that you will perform this activity. Have you ever seen athletes perform? I love baseball and on of the funny things that I always take note of is the antics of a batter in the batters’ box. They go through certain rituals repetitively EVERY TIME they get into the box. They go through this because this physically and mentally prepares them for the next activity. Many of them follow the same routine daily because this consistency prepares them for success. So, in your own world, choosing and FIERCELY defending a block of YOU time is critical. You build even more momentum, if that YOU time is at the same time daily.

4. Start small! If you haven’t been exercising, then jumping on a 1 hr/day program cold is a big undertaking. Your body might even punch you in the head for trying it. Start out with 5 minutes. Then work your way up day by day or week by week. One of the participants in my 28 Days groups decided that he was going to do pushups and simply add 1 each day. After a year, he could do 365 pushups. WOW!!! Amazing.

5. Do it DAILY! When you are beginning a process of transformation, momentum is important. You create this momentum by performing daily (at least for a while). This accelerates your process. If you perform for three days and then stop for two, it’s difficult to pick it back up but oh so easy to remain on the couch. Have you ever experienced this in a workout cycle? You work out for 3 days straight and then then you stop for 1. The next day, your bed seems to be calling more loudly than normal. That’s just how it is. You may not need to go for the gusto EVERY DAY. But, staying in action EVERYDAY keeps the commitment going.

6. Be accountable to someone. This step is one that a lot of people miss. I know that I need accountability and camaraderie to make success with most things. Isolation is an easy recipe for failure in ANY undertaking. Anyone who says they accomplished anything all by themselves has given you the “business”. No one makes it to the top of the mountain alone. Accountability works in general life and in business.

What other tips do you use to accomplish transformation in your life? Leave your answer in the comments because I’d love to see how different people accomplish transformation.

For more ideas on habit forming, transformation and simply accomplishing life change, please check out my book, 28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment

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