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**Today is American Touch Tag Day. No, it really is. Look it up**

“Tag! You’re It”

“No, I’m not! You missed me! You’re still it!”

“Tag.  YOU’RE it!!”

And on and on for hours it feels like.  My kids run around playing this game which seems so simple and almost pointless to grown-ups and yet provides hours of crazy joy for kids.  When you think about it, does your life really change when someone touches you and simply says, “You’re it?”  What happens if you decide to be the kid that says, “I’m not playing,” or “I don’t want to run” when they tag you?  Usually, that simply means the game goes on without you.  So, if you want to play, then you have to show up differently when you get tagged.  Now, you have to transform into IT, a mythical chaser who’s only purpose is to get rid of its power.

The truth is that a lot of us do this everyday.  We wake up without power or purpose, then the day tags us and says “Tag, you’re it.”

Then we spend the rest of the day giving our power away to everyone else.  Instead of acting powerfully, we give our power away to complaints.  Instead of creating our opportunities, we talk about how there are no jobs and unemployment is at an all time high.  Instead of seeing a sun, we see a cloud.

The fact is that we DO have power.  The fact is that we ARE “it.”  We can choose everyday to make a difference.  We can choose every moment to change how we see the world.  We can choose every second to create an attitude of gratefulness and awesome energy.

Not sure how to do it?  Check out how Kid President does it:

What do you DAILY to remind yourself that you have POWER? Tell us about your daily power up in the comments below.

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  • David Hunte says:

    This is awesome Robert. I’m really liking it. Thanks for writing…

  • David Hunte says:

    Robert where do you get all your pictures?

    • Thanks David. I get them from different sources. Sometimes, I get them from microsoft archives. Many times, from the attribution free archive on google images and then sometimes from paid sources like depositphotos, or

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