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**Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge**

I was REALLY tempted to go biology with this.  As a former science teacher, talking about how all biological organisms need food in order to survive was the temptation.  But, it’s REALLY early in the morning, as I sit here and write.  I don’t want to get technical.  So, I will just keep it easy.  But, I AM going to write about food.  Food, glorious food.  Hot sausage and mustard!  Sorry, I had an Oliver Twist elementary school flashback for a moment.

A few months ago, my dad told me that I was gaining weight.  (Typical of parents to point out your flaws, huh?)  Then the follow-up question was, “Well, what are you FEEDING yourself, man?”

Now, I’m not a bad eater.  I don’t do a lot of fast food.  I don’t snack a lot.  What I was suffering from was denial.  You see, I’ve never had to worry about weight.  My metabolism has always just taken care of things for me.  I have always been active.  So, I could always eat what I felt like and not have to worry about my body, at least my outside body.  So, as I get a bit older, my mind still thinks that my metabolism is the same.  The truth is that the mac and cheese stays around a little longer than I care to admit (at least until the pants get a little snug).  So, now dad’s question rings, “What are you FEEDING yourself, man?”

Success is a lot like that.  When things come easy, you don’t worry about the path as much and you don’t worry about how to get there.  But, when you have to be aware, when you have to pay attention, then you must watch what you are FEEDING yourself.  Are you feeding yourself complaints?  Are you feeding yourself limiting beliefs?  Are you feeding yourself excuses and reasons why you can’t?  Are you feeding yourself a bad attitude?    Are you feeding yourself with negative surroundings?

You have heard it before but you ARE what you EAT!  You ARE what you FEED your mind!  Your success is greatly affected by what you consume daily.  Your success has to be intentional.  So, I have created a rhythm that I follow to feed my success:

1. Wake up, Pray, spend time in meditation
2. Exercise
3. Read something inspirational
4. Read something educational
5. Call someone to share a powerful conversation

Over the last few months, here is some of my brain food:

1. The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
2. The 4-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss
3. The Power of Less – Leo Babauta
4. The Prosperous Coach – Steve Chandler & Rich Litvin
5. How To Create Your Life The Way You Want It (audiobook) – Wayne Dyer

I am now reading Reinventing The Entrepreneur by MaryEllen Tribby.

How are YOU feeding your success right now?  Enlighten us by leaving a comment below.

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