Success Is Intentional

By Robert Kennedy III

Success is intentional.  There I said it.  That’s the point.  I could end this post right here.  In actuality, there were SOME things that were accidents that were successful.  For instance:

1. The Slinky – Richard Jones was working with tension springs, when one of them fell on the ground and kept bouncing.

2. The Microwave – Percy Spencer was working on a radar related project and noticed that his chocolate was melting in his pocket.  He then tried popcorn in this radar tube.

3. Penicillin – Alexander Fleming threw out a petri dish with mold on it and afterwards noticed that the mold was ‘eating’ away the bacteria that surrounded it.

While these were accidental discoveries, the work going on around them was VERY intentional and what was done with the discoveries after they were made was intentional as well.

Some think that success is like the lottery.  They feel as if it is something that is only built for some and not for others.  Well, let me tell you about the lottery.  I remember growing up in New York City, the Bronx to be specific, and watching commercials on TV about the New York Lotto.  There was one circumstance where two men won together.  After they won, there was a huge campaign which constantly showed these men spending money, riding around in limos, wearing minks and living the “luxury” life.  However, a little more than 2 years later, at least one of these men was “broke”, no more money to his name.  The reality was that was where he started out so his windfall was something that he was unprepared for.

Windfalls happen to some of us and yes, accidents can turn in to success.  But, in addition to preparation, there needs to be a directed purpose and an intention to achieve true success.  It’s true success because that’s where you set out to end up, maybe not in exact form but in purpose.

I won’t write a longer post today.  I just wanted to share a message of planning and intention.  Opportunity is there and sometimes its accidental.  But what you do with it after has to be intentional for it to be successful.  As I have heard others say, ‘Live Life On Purpose’!


What are YOU intentional about?  Leave your comments below.