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You work hard for years and years, or at least for 28 days, and you reach your goal.  You make sacrifices and you push and push to achieve.  You fight through ALL of the obstacles and you reach the mecca.  Then what?  Why do you have to work so hard only to have to……work some more?  When do you reach a point where you can just relax and know that your success will carry you?

It may be hard for many to accept, but success is not just a destination.  It’s a journey.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!! I know, all the gurus have said it and you hear about this journey journey journey.  Wel,, that’s just what is!  Everyone has a journey!  Whether we like it or not.  We are just here journeying!  It just depends on which way you go and how you handle it.


Check out this talk by Richard St. John on the journey!



What parts of the journey are you enjoying? Leave your comments below.



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