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A couple of years ago, I decided to call some business owners in my area to see how I could use my business to be helpful to them. One of the questions I asked many times was, “If money was not an object, what is the ONE thing that you would buy to improve your business?” I had quite a few owners respond by saying that they would buy more time. I tilted my head a bit and asked, “Don’t you mean more people?” They said, “No, more time”!

There were a couple of things at play here. First, it seemed that these owners were still of the mindset that they needed to do everything themselves or at least be close enough to touch it. Second, they were talking about more than just the business part of their lives.

Well, I can’t solve all the issues, but what I have learned is that many times, when there is an area of my business that is clogging up my time, there is a technology or application out there that can help me solve that issue. In my previous businesses, one huge time sucker was the writing of estimates, contracts and especially proposals. I had previously used a desktop proposal software called Business Proposal Pro for my web development business. But, that was desktop and it just generated proposals. In today’s market, I needed something a bit more dynamic, that had some level of analytics baked in, that could let me have my clients do online/digital signatures, that could tell me when they opened the proposals, etc.

I found Quote Roller. Quote Roller starts out with many templates and basic estimate formats that can get you from nothing to complete in minutes flat. I won’t do a full review of the software here are some things that I immediately loved about Quote Roller:

1. It looked pretty.
Maybe that’s a bit shallow. But, I look for something that has a slick interface and does what it says its going to do. Quote Roller immediately grabbed my attention both with it’s interface and with the look of the proposals that it was able to generate.

2. I was able to generate both an online link as well as a pdf version of my proposal for my client.
I popped some fields into my proposal and I was on my way.

3. Adding media.
Yes, I could add video, images and other elements to make my proposal a bit more interactive.

4. Easy to navigate
Jumping between the sections to edit was a snap. The form editing interface doesn’t bog you down. Rather, it made it fairly simple to add new sections and fields.

5. Online signature
My clients could print out the pdf and sign if they wanted to but they could also sign right online. I could also see when the clients opened and viewed the proposal. That way, I could get excited and begin rubbing my hands together to get started.

Have a look at the features page to see a bit more about the software.

I am not paid by Quote Roller, nor am I an affiliate. I just wanted to share something with you that has helped me work a bit more efficiently.

What applications help you save time? Answer in the comments below.


**UPDATE: As of December 2013, I HAVE developed an affiliate relationship with Quote Roller.  Hope you will still trust what I have said and check them out ;-).

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