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Wow! July was a busy month.  I was blessed to be able to guest post about four times with other blog sites and that process was a lot of fun.  Guest posting is an interesting process because while you have your own spin on things, you also need to process what the audience of the other blog is interested in.  There is a balance that must be struck.  You’ve got to be yourself but also be aware of what “they” are looking for.  This is the same as most relationships.  You’ve got to be authentic and yet learn how to listen well and be present.  These are all things that I am still practicing.  But, getting better daily.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the guest posts.  I was able to write on the Quote Roller Blog site about the Four Reasons You Are Afraid To Get Help.  This was a similar post to two others I had written here about watching your own back.

I was also able to write on Dan Black’s blog about leadership.  The post was called Who Leads When Everyone Is A Leader.  This was a really neat experience that allowed me to reach back a bit to some personal challenges that have helped to shape me.

If you have never written for another audience, I challenge you to take this on.  It focuses your thought process a bit as you are seeking to share something that you might not ordinarily share, at least not easily.

What would you share if asked to guest post?  Leave your answers in the comments.

Guest Post Direct Links

Quote Roller: Four Reasons You Are Afraid To Get Help
Dan Black On Leadership: Who Leads When Everyone Is A Leader
Matt McWilliams: What If I Don’t Want To Lead

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