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Podcast – Why Leaders Need To Reinvent – Guest: Denise J. Hart

When actors keep getting selected for the same types of roles over and over again, they call that typecasting.  it is a phenomenon that most actors don’t like.  Yes, they may be working but the creative ones don’t really like the feeling of being placed in a box.  It’s as if everyone assumes who you are, what you will do and what you are capable of.
While most of us don’t get selected for the same roles over again like an actor does, often tend to PLAY the same roles, ones that we are comfortable with.  That often ends up with getting the same results, over and over.


Successful leaders, successful people are able to do something that others aren’t.  They are able to recognize when things aren’t working and then create a shift of some sort.  It might mean that they need to work harder, work faster, work less, delegate responsibility, or change their field and strategy completely.  Sometimes, forward progress calls for reinvention.  Sometimes going forward requires a change in direction.  Sometimes, in order to truly get where you’re going, you have to try a different vehicle.
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Listen to the show:

Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to reinvent when things change
  • How to shift when your team needs more from you
  • How to sense when it is time to reinvent


Links/Resources Mentioned:

Wave Accounting –
Denise’s Website –
Denise’s Book “Journey To The Joy of Truth” –
Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Conference –
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