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GO!  That’s it.  I won’t spin it or do an intro stating why you should believe me.  That’s it.  GO!  I can read as much as I want.  I can listen to audio books.  I can listen to podcasts all DAY if I want to.  But, achievement, accomplishment, success is never going to just drop in my lap while I sit.  There’s one thing that is necessary.  One thing that I need to do.  GO!  Get in action! GO!  Make a plan.  Then GO!

As a matter of fact, I’m going to make this post really short today so that I can GO!  I am putting the finishing touches on my eBook this week and although some of the process is automated, there are still some things that will not happen unless I do them.  So, I need to GO!

I’m encouraging you to GO!  Whatever you thought wasn’t possible, GO!  If you felt worn down and got tired of pushing toward your commitment, find a way that will work and GO!  Do it!

What are you going to GO on this week? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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