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You’ve heard this before.  What I am about to write is nothing new.  There is nothing new under the sun.  So, why is it so hard to use positive language?  You’ve tried it yourself.  You’ve tried to speak positive words to your friends, your colleagues, your kids and even yourself.  But, it’s hard to keep it going and it feels fake.  So, why do you need to keep it going?

The stories and the gurus all tell us that it works.  I have even spoken about language and changing certain words in your vocab. I read an article in Psychology Today that simply notes that using positive language improves your mindset and your performance.  Waking up saying that ‘I CAN’, ‘I WILL ‘and ‘I have the OPPORTUNITY to’ are proven ways of adding energy to your day.  Have you ever noticed that the successful motivational speakers are the ones that just seem to be more ‘UP’ than the rest of us?  That’s because they ARE!  Speaking positively and empowering yourself daily works like a vitamin and though it may seem to wear off, that just means that its time for another dose.

Here is an example that I use.  Gravity is a fairly natural state and the purpose of gravity is to pull you DOWN.  If there was nothing underneath your feet, gravity would pull you further down.  Gravity is there, always doing its job.  And every moment, of every day, we “fight” against gravity.  But, that’s how we move.  That’s how we are productive.  We fight against it and we use it to our advantage.  So, if you were to consider negative moods, bad thoughts, poor language, negative self-talk as a natural state, a state of pulling down like gravity, then fighting against that is what we do to move, be productive.  It is something that we constantly have to monitor and do.  It is not being fake.  It is simply utilizing tools at your disposal to progress, get where you want to be.  Are there different tools?  Sure.  Do some work better? Sure.  But choosing to use positive language daily and every moment is not an effort to be fraudulent.  Instead, it is one of your tools for SUCCESS.

So, here’s to today!  Use your mouth for energy.  Choose a focus word that will drive your day.  My word for today is FEARLESS!!  There are some things that I have not done and have delayed on doing recently and I realize that it is simply because of fear.  So, today I am going to do them.  I am waking up telling myself that I WILL do them.  My language is one of POSSIBILITY.  My mindset is one of ACHIEVEMENT!  To paraphrase Les Brown, “there is greatness within me!”

What is YOUR positive word for today? Leave your word in the comments below.


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