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My Word For 2016

Over the last few years, I’ve taken on the practice of choosing ONE WORD that will be my guiding word for that year.  In 2014, my word was EXPLOSIVE.  There were definitely some things that EXPLODED, just not what I wanted to EXPLODE.  Be careful what you ask for, right?  But, even amidst the challenges, there was opportunity for learning.  There was opportunity for growth.

In 2015, I used the word IMPACT!  While my reasons for choosing this word were bigger in my mind, the year has turned out to be one that has provided so much more clarity than I could have imagined.  The IMPACT, as it turns out, was had on me.  My decisions and many of my actions were intended to create something big.  But, what was really HUGE was the focus it generated for my own thoughts and mindset.

Now, we are on the cusp of 2016 and it is time to choose a new word.  Unlike previous years, this word has been sitting with me for the last 2 months or so.  As I worked with different leaders and organizations over the course of this year, I began to see something that was consistent.  I began to really view a clear picture of why certain aspects of organizations and their culture were not working.  I began to see why many individuals were not able to move past a certain place in their businesses and even in their personal lives.  As I began to see these things, I began to hear this word ring more and more in my ears.  This word began to sit more frequently in the things that I spoke about and wrote about.  So, oddly enough, as I sought to create IMPACT, I began to slide towards this new word…RELATIONSHIP.

When I say the word relationship, many minds immediately go towards marriage, something romantic or love related.  But, I’m simply referring to the connection that we have with each other.  We can talk about different levels of relationship.  There are business relationships, casual relationships, deep relationships, time specific relationships and even paid relationships.   But, I’m interested in INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

I’ve already been speaking about communication, follow-up, and connection.  But, this word will drive what I do in 2016.  What are the types of relationships that I want to pursue, form and maintain?  How can I help leaders have better relationships with those they lead?  How can I help people intentionally form relationships that will mutually benefit them?  How can I help business leaders form and support relationships that don’t feel icky and sales-y?  What relationships in my life are the most important and how can I intentionally support them without feeling overwhelmed?

I’m sure more questions will come and that is the beautiful thing about this.  This process of choosing one word is one of focus and discovery.  I’m not forming a new years resolution.  I’m simply creating a filter that will help me choose my actions more wisely.  I’m setting parameters for the choices I make in my business and non-business opportunities.  I’m creating an atmosphere that will help me support others more effectively.

What about you?  Have you already thought about your word?  What is your process for choosing your word?

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