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My dad and I have been working on a blog on Leadership and Legacy.  It’s not ready for full-scale release just yet.  But, in working on the blog, I remembered an article that I guest posted on another site last year and I wanted to re-share it.

Here’s why!  I was recently consulting with some educators in my state of Maryland and constantly came across the theme of disempowered teachers and staff.  The refrain constantly sounded like this, “We’re the low man on the totem pole,”

“They don’t listen to us anyway,”

“We’re not in charge around here,”

“If I were the leader, I would do it this way, but I’m not so,”

“Well, they expect us to do this but they never listen to us anyway,”

The constant chorus of disempowerment rang in every building and I wondered how progress was able to be made at all.

In fact, I wrote about it on LinkedIn last month.

I heard the side of the people that felt disempowered but I also wonder about the side of the leaders.  It must also be a challenge to be in a position where you are attempting to move forward but there is no support below because they are already frustrated.

How does a leader move forward in that circumstance?  What if they just don’t feel like leading anymore?

Check out the guest post and let me know what you think about the reluctant leader.

Does this make you think differently?  Do you know anyone like this in your work environment?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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