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Yes, you SHOULD be looking for great results in conversations.  Life is ABOUT results.  We do everything because we expect something to happen.  We get SOMETHING from whatever we do.  It may be a feeling.  It may be something tangible like money.  It may be a new thought or idea.  But, there is ALWAYS a payoff.  Life is cause and effect.

But many of times, we take for granted the result or we simply settle for whatever results we get rather than seeking to CREATE the results we want.  In business relationships, results are critical to the success of the business.  Even if you personally aren’t concerned about results, someone somewhere is.  Somebody’s JOB is to quantify things and track the growth of the company.  So, no matter how small it seems, there is a payoff somewhere in your business relationships.

It would make sense, then, to have a plan for every potential relationship and every conversation.  When I say plan, I don’t necessarily mean that you will sketch out and script every part of the conversation.  I’m referring to an awareness of specific things that you do that will bring greater value to conversations.

View the presentation below.

What do you think about these tips?  What additional tips do you have that can help you have better business conversations?  Leave your answers in the comments because I want to be able to participate with you.

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