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So, this post has some religious overtones to it.  I just wanted to get that out of the way in case you wanted to stop now.  But, I still think that it has some value for you even if you are not a christian or religious in any way.  Really, I believe it does.  Here’s why.  What I am about to share can apply whether you are an atheist, a christian, a child, an adult, a teacher, a real estate investor or a writer.  It doesn’t matter.  This is important.

And here it is….Don’t Wait….Instead Create!  That’s it.  Here’s what I am referring to.  The other day, I was standing in the motor vehicles registry and the line was fairly long.  Now, when you are there, you see pretty interesting reactions, and hear some great conversations.  Motor vehicles is NEVER a place where people are jumping around for joy.  It’s just one of those THINGS!  Those necessary THINGS!!  It might be yucky but its one of those THINGS!  You want to drive, you have to do this THING!  Anyway, I heard a conversation where a lady was just complaining and complaining about her boyfriend and what he would and wouldn’t do.  She was waiting for him to do this.  She was waiting for him to do that.  She was waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.  Her friend listened and then simply said to here, “I don’t know why you’re blaming him.  You’re the one who keeps sitting there waiting.  That’s YOUR fault!”

Ah, simple WISDOM!  What that means is that we control how we respond to situations.  We choose how we interact with a situation or a circumstance.   And here’s the religious part.  We may ask God for something and then we wait.  We may ask a parent or a friend for something and then we wait.  In many cases, we don’t ask!  We’re just simply…..WAITING!  We’re WAITING for a promotion.  We’re WAITING for a check to come in the mail.  We’re WAITING for someone to ask us to be a part of their group.  We’re WAITING for life to get better.  All of this is fine.

But, the truth is that we have so much power available to us.  Even in the asking, there is ACTION that we can take.  You get to CREATE the very next moment of your existence.  You don’t need to wait for more money.  You can CREATE a business that YOU get to control.  You don’t need to wait for a birthday or Christmas.  You can CREATE a moment to give a gift or a smile.  You don’t need to wait for your name to be called.  You can CREATE a way to position yourself so that they will call you!

So, now, take a look at your life, your business, everything that you are involved in.  Are you waiting or are you CREATING?

OK, Robert, you spew this stuff out and make it sound easy.

It’s not always easy and you WILL run into obstacles.  But, a mindset of creation ALWAYS puts you in control and in position to WIN.  If you want success, if you want to reach your dreams, your goals, your ideals, if you want to be better than you are now, you MUST create!

So, are you going to be a CREATOR or a WAITER? (No offense to the restaurant industry:-)) Leave your comments below.

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