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This Wednesday, April 17th, we will be broadcasting our show ‘What Success Looks Like’ at 6pm EST. If you have not tuned in before, the premise of this show is that success comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, perspectives and directions. While celebrity or money might be easily identifiable, there are many other ways that success can be defined. This week, I’ll have the opportunity to speak with Jeff Goins, a writer who has built up a successful following through his blog and has been able to pursue his passion full-time.

If you have found yourself doing something because you feel like you HAVE to and not because it’s what you are COMMITTED to, then hearing this conversation with Jeff is important. Read up on Jeff by going to his website. Purchase his book, Wrecked, via Amazon. He is selling them for half price this week.

As Jeff talks with me, I’d like to provide you the opportunity to share your dream to get his quick take on where you are. I’ll be choosing three questions for Jeff. You may send me questions in one of four ways:

1. Leave me a voicemail using the Send Voicemail popup on the right of each page;

2. Use the contact form

3. You may email a question to inquiries (at)

4. Tweet me using the hashtag #wsllgoins and my Twitter name @robertkennedy3.

All questions must be sent by Tuesday, 4/16 at 7pm EDT.

You may tune in LIVE for the show by clicking this link: What Success Looks Like – LIVE – Jeff Goins

What are you shooting for this week? Are you accomplishing your dream?

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  • leewise says:

    Just a short comment to thank you for using the blog to bring in others that will help people move forward in their lives. All the best to you!

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